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NASA Scientists display the habitat created for the first spider in space, Arabella the Spider (Araneus diadematus)

Do all spiders make webs?

What is the largest spider in the world?

Are all spiders poisonous to people?

Welcome to Ask the Experts! This is the place where you can have all of your questions answered about spiders and spider kin. Fill out the form below to Ask Anansi your questions. Answers will be posted on this page for all spider fans to see. Click here to view some of the latest questions and answers.

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Ask the Experts: Questions and Answers


Troy from Minnesota asks:

Is a golden rod spider poisonous enough to kill a human?

No. Remember, all spiders have venom, but not all are poisonous.

Carl from zip code 89113 asks:

Is there a spider that opens and closes its jaws like humans?

Tarantulas & possibly others have fangs that operate in a downward motion. Or, the chelicerae covering may also move up and down.

Don from Westside School asks:
If a brown recluse spider “got in a fight” with a black widow, which spider would win?

The first spider to inject its venom would probably be the winner!

Rhiannon from Marymount College asks:

Does the golden spider (also known as Misumena vatia) spin webs?”


Stephen from Santana H.S. asks:

A friend of mine rescued a tarantula from a tarantula wasp. How should he care for the spider?

Make sure to give the spider a tiny dish of water and a couple of crickets.

Penny from the Mesick School asks:

We were wondering what a spider cocoon might look like?

Actually, spiders don’t make “cocoons” for their young, just egg sacs. However, many spiders, like a Pink-toed Tarantula or the Audacious Jumping Spider will create a cocoon-looking egg “sock” for themselves to live in.