Just like human houses, spider houses come in all shapes and sizes. You can make a spider house from a picture frame, an old window, or a hula-hoop. What else might you use?

You will need to hang your frame or spider house in the early spring. Where will you put it -- in the yard, on the porch, under the eaves? What special place will you select? Do you want a bright or dark place? What about a place near a porch light or a lighted window?

Here's how to build a simple "Popsicle Stick" Spider House.


What You Need

Paper and pencil
5 Popsicle sticks
White school glue
Masking tape or scotch tape


Remember the safety rules you have learned in school to handle glue and other materials. You may want to ask an adult to help you construct your spider house.


Decide upon your idea for your house, then choose the materials you want to use to build it.


Draw a picture of the spider house you want to build.


Arrange your materials for a practice fit according to your picture.


Glue your materials together. Wait until the glue is completely dry.


Put your spider house in its desired location. Make sure that your house will stay in its place (even in all kinds of weather!).

Go Further

1. After you have a spider in your house, report your success in the Survey of Spider Houses.

2. Decorate your house. You can color or decorate your spider house. Perhaps this will help attract a spider!

3. Try other materials. You can use other materials to build your house. Use your imagination! Could you use cardboard or parts from old toys?

4. Have you ever made a bird house or a dog house? If you like to build things, you can make a spider house from scrap oak flooring and plywood. Get your Mom, Dad or another adult to help make a spider house with a special spider nook!