For All Educators: The Web Site, an interactive web-learning site, is designed to increase third to fifth grade students’ understanding of scientific concepts while integrating language and reading skills, science process skills, and mathematics. Middle school teachers of life science will also find certain components of the site applicable.

Lessons on the Web: Anansi’s Classroom
Check out Anansi’s Classroom for a variety of on-line lessons using a directed web search and hands-on activities. Obtain information on correlations with Virginia’s Standards of Learning and National Science Education Standardsfor these lessons.



For Educators in the MathScience Innovation Center Consortium

Spider Room: The World of Spiders
The World of Spiders is a special, two-hour lesson held in the Spider Room at the Mathematics & Science Center that teaches third grade students the Virginia Standards of Learning science concepts through an engaging multiple learning styles approach. Students perform various activities which include exploring the world through a spider’s eyes with the spider cam, undergoing molting, constructing geometric webs, camouflaging model spiders, and examining living specimens. Through the simulations and direct instruction activities, students explore SOL concepts of defense, life cycles, and physical and behavioral adaptations. For related materials go to


Instructional Kit: Spiderology
Bring your classroom to life with the activities of the Spiderology Kit. Teachers from affiliated schools and school divisions of the MathScience Innovation Center consortium are eligible to check out this kit to use in their classrooms. The kit contains preserved specimens and models, manipulatives, and other complete lesson materials to extend students’ spider learning experiences. For related materials, go to


Lessons in the Classroom: Spiderology
Choose one of four grade appropriate spider lessons to bring the Spider Room experience to your classroom with instruction provided by a member of the MSiC Spiderology staff.

Spider Cycles


Spider Strategies

Spiders by Design


Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

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