Welcome to the Spider Room. My name is Anansi, and I will be your guide on this virtual tour. I am known as a very tricky spider. Perhaps you’ve heard about me in tales and legends? Anyway, you can learn more about me and my spider cousins if you take a tour of the Spider Room.

There is lots to see, do, and learn at the Spider Room. Once you enter my "parlour," you may never want to leave!

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In our main spider arena, you can move to the center of a web and guess just who has been caught in your web!


Or, you can try out our SPIDER CAM and see how the world looks through the eyes of a spider.


Or, you can even play WEB TOSS to learn the secret of how my web catches insects, and how I never get caught in my own web!

But we’re just getting started. All spiders love to get snug and cozy in special places, and I have many special places for you to check out and learn about spiders.


Can You See Me?
At this station, you will learn about camouflage. Hide a spider, then find it if you can!


Danger Zone.
I don’t bite, but some of my spider kin do bite and cause problems. Learn about which of my cousins to stay away from and why they are dangerous.


Parts ‘n Parts.
How are spiders different from insects? Take a close-up look at the parts that make a spider a spider, and NOT an insect. Here you can identify my body parts from the tips of my toes to my abdomen


Spider Defense.
En garde! Spiders are always on the defense. Use the Intel video microscope to see close up how spiders defend themselves with fangs and hairs.


Inside Out!
How would you feel if you could slither out of a shell to grow bigger? Here you can find out what it is like to grow by molting. Find out just what happens when a spider gets too big for its skin.


String Art.
Spiders are master artists and weave webs in many patterns. Discover how they string together works of art that serve a very important purpose. Plus, you can learn concepts of geometry by constructing your own web.


Sketch Me.
Details, details! Do you like to draw? Spider bodies are very unique. Take a moment to use your artistic skills and rules of proportion to sketch one out!


Our tour is now over. Come visit the Spider Room in person or tour our web site.